Rain Maker Brewing Co.
is the name we've given our home brewery 'cause every time we brew, it rains. 1999 a record number of batches were made of the 34th different recipes we tried-out, a few exceptional brews are worthy of note:

Best of the Bay 2000. Thanks to those who participated in the homebrew competition, tasting and sharing event, June 11th at the Boundary Bay Brewery. The winner received a handblown glass trophy made by us.

lastdrop label

Last Drop Lager

A full-bodied golden lager with a mild blend of noble hops complimenting the light crystal and 2-row malts. Fermented with a Czech pilsner yeast and lagered a full 3 months! I'm looking forward to quaffing a this one an a hot summer day (If we get one that is!).

OG 1.058
F.G. 1.006.
Black Toad label

Black Toad Oatmeal Stout

The direct off-spring of float yer boat - just tweeked slightly for variety. Silky smooth and completely opaque, this rich malty ale is the perfect compliment to freshly shucked oysters on the half shell.
Oh yes, it is dry hopped! and will only improve with age. too bad we can't wait that long!

OG. 1.050
F.G. 1.004
Float Yer Boat label

Float Yer Boat Oatmeal Stout

Four distinct malts and three hop varieties in six infusions sail this elixir into beer drinker's heaven. The addition of oatmeal during the mash offers an extra boost of creaminess to this dark, dark, mysterious brew.

OG 1.051
F.G. 1.002
guyfawkes label

Guy Fawkes Raspberry Surprise

A full flat of Skagit Valley raspberries were tossed into this five gallon batch of pale ale - resulting in a delicately dry beer with an explosion of raspberries - first in the aroma then in every thirst quenching sip.
Lost lagger label

Lost Logger Lager

One of our first attempts at lager brewing - which, fortunately came out remarkably well: golden Amber in color, a nice balance of malt flavor and hops and a clean crisp finish. Needless to say - Lagering has earned a new niche in our brewing styles.

{short description of image}

Dubel Nutt

This Belgian style amber ale was so tasty, you couldn't set your glass down! (Except to fill up another!) a combination of specialty malts, homegrown hops, Belgian yeast and triple fermentation led to the creation of this unique flavor extravaganza.

New Moon Oatmeat Stout Label

New Moon Oatmeal Stout

This rich, thick chocolaty brew is so dark, its nearly opaque. The roasted coffee like flavors in the malt are perfectly balanced by it's sweetness and warmth of the alcohol. Dry hopped with cascades, this continues to be one of our favorite stout recipes ever!

San Juan Pale Ale Label

First Brew 2000

On Sunday January 9th we kicked off the new brew year with a batch of pale ale. a fairly straight forward recipe that's bubblin' away in the secondary fermenter right now. The holidays dipped severely into the cellar's reserves, so this fast fermenting brew will replenish our supply and quench the thirst of even the most overheated of glassblower!

last updated 4/14/07